Wednesday, June 13, 2012

MMMMMmm, berries
I whined a little on Saturday about the fact that I apparently missed the strawberries entirely this year. But our share didn't let me down and we split the quart with our farm-share friends. Last night for dinner, we had hamburgers with herbs and scapes (frozen from last week's share).

On Monday, I made catalan-style spinach with a Michigan twist: Lightly toasted pine nuts, garlic and dried cherries in a bit of oil until the cherries plumped out, then washed spinach wilted in the pan. Our son totally dug how much the greens shrunk in cooking and both kids tried the dish (which, frankly, shocked me). We ate that with meatballs and home-made cornbread.

Tonight, M works late so I'll make breakfast for dinner. We've now got a guy who comes to the house every other Saturday with fresh eggs and butter, so tonight will be scrambled eggs, toast and fruit. When M's home, I'll make her an omlette with herbs from the share. She usually does the cooking, but I like to make her at least a snack after she's been away all day. We've also gotten into yogurt-based smoothies of late, so I'll probably make those for everyone, too, possibly including a bit of the mint from this week's share.

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